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ouagadogou's Journal

30 December
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I am an artist who lives in Arizona. I work on my comics and other various art forms! I also compose music and play the paino. I have played in approximatly 7 concerts. I write stories and poems and even got a few poems published. Im married to my loveing husband!
1984, adrian tomine, ai yamaguchi, albus dumbledor, anime, art, assorted jelly beans, astronomy, azkaban, bagels, björk, books, cats, classical music, clerks, clouds, coding html, comic books, comics, composing, computers, creating graphic art, daniel clowes, death eater, design, digi charat, dir en grey, donnie darko, drawing, dreaming, driving, earthworm jim, eightball, evanescence, fashion, ferris bueller's day off, fiction, fight club, filler bunny, friends, fsc, futurama, ghost world, giant robot, gorillaz, gryffindor, happiness, happy noodle boy, harry potter, hermione granger, hogwarts, hugs, human rights, i feel sick, incense, invader zim, invisibility cloak, j-pop, jamie hewlett, jamie smart, japan, jay and silent bob, jhonen vasquez, jthm, kissing, knowledge, language, learning, lenore, literature, lord of the rings, love, love hina, luster kaboom, madonna, magic, manga, mathematics, mind expansion, morality, movies, music, nature, nightmares and fairy tales, nny, no such thing, observing the world, oekaki, office space, painting, philosophy, photography, piano, plato, poetry, princess monoke, quidditch, reality, remus lupin, ren and stimpy, roman dirge, ron weasley, salvador dali, sanrio, serial experiments lain, severus snape, simpsons, sirius black, slave labor graphics, slytherin, space ghost, squee, stars, surrealism, tank girl, tattoos, tenchi muyo!, the fifth element, the half blood prince, the matrix, transfiguration, truth, underground comics, walls, wands, watching people, webcomics, webdesign, wings, wisdom, wobbly headed bob, writing